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MORE questions … what is wrong with me …

These are mostly taken from someone’s FB page that i creeped …

Height? 5 foot 4

Age? 20 (in a less than a month)

Eye colour? Hazel

Natural hair colour? Light strawberry blonde, I don’t dye my hair.

What are you wearing right now? Tank and sweats (no bra or panties, it’s a lazy day)

Favourite eye colour on others? Purple on women (because it’s so rare) and green (on men and women)

Favourite colour? Pink but purples when it comes to clothing

Favourite movie? Feeling nostalgic for Born Free. But any HP film.

Favourite animal? Cats. Wild and domestic.

Favourite food? GRILLED FUCKING CHEESE GOD DAMN IT … and pizza

Favourite band? Ain’t got one

Favourite song? It depends on my mood

Favourite place to go? Like places I frequently go to … or visited once. Frequented Ottawa (like it in summer only) and Innisfil

Favourite thing(s) to do? Write.

Shorts or skirts? Neither. I like pants.

Dresses or blouses? Well I have more blouses than dresses, but I do like – and want more- dresses.

Mom or dad? Sorry Mufasa(dad), but Mummy

Uncle or aunt? I prefer my uncles … for the most part.

Water or pop? Water, always. Rarely ever pop

Fruit or vegetables? Veggies oddly enough

How many brother(s)? 2

How many sister(s)? 1 (deceased)

Someone you love? Like significant other type love, no. familial, yes.

Are you in love? No.

Who has your heart? No one …

Do looks really matter? Initially, yes.

Do you believe in love at first sight? No. that “love” is infatuation – intense but infatuation.

Single or taken? Single

Cuddling or sex? Can’t comment.

Do you want kids in the future? HELL YES

Boys or girls? Men.

Kissed a girl? Yes. But when I was four, so it wasn’t “Katy Perry Like” at all

Kissed a boy? Yes. For truth or dare … wow it’s been a while, I needs me a guy.

Hug or kiss? Can’t answer.

Biggest pet peeve? Hanged vs Hung & and Me vs and I [hanged is used when a person dies that way or else it’s hung, and to tell when to use and me opposed to and I, you take the other person out of the sentence]

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset

Day or night? Night.

Sleep or awake? Both.

Boobs or ass? Like which do I like on others or which do I have, boobs to both. I am straight but I do like boobs on women (including myself), and I don’t like small breasts either. I don’t gawk at them like men, I just admire women with boobs (minimum C cup), taking pride in their big busts.  I feel like I explained myself way to much about preferring boobs to asses on other women ….

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